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A Candidate for "We the People"

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     I'm running for congress because, as a parent and citizen who loves this exceptional country, I cannot continue to sit back and watch our country being destroyed from within by a small group of depraved and misguided career politicians. When I get elected to be your servant, I vow to champion an America First Agenda while fighting and being a voice for “We the People.”

     Why am I challenging Brian Fitzpatrick?  Over the years, Brian has framed himself as a moderate candidate in a purple county.  But on the big economic and social issues, he is far from moderate.  As his voting record has clearly demonstrated, he is a part of the far-left socialist machine that seeks to destroy this nation.  I didn’t plan on ever running for a congressional seat, but as a parent who loves this exceptional country, I can no longer sit idly by and watch our great nation being destroyed by both democrats and RINOs like Brian Fitzpatrick.  For those who insist on clinging to the notion that he is a moderate republican, lets visit his voting record.

     Brian Fitzpatrick was a strong advocate and supporter of the Paris Climate Agreement. This agreement may sound noble on paper, but it prioritizes the interests of global climate activists over the American people.  While our adversaries like China, who have a history of under reporting and falsifying data, bear no consequence for continuing to lie; the U.S. and other honest democratic countries have to bear the costs.  Essentially, our energy jobs will just be exported to other countries.  This will weaken the American economy and undercut our energy independence- which will inevitably threaten our national security.  We can see the hypocrisy at work when Biden asks other countries to produce more oil and gas while closing U.S. pipelines and destroying U.S jobs. Globally, then, we can see that the same level of emissions ends up being released; except now, by countries with inferior pollution curbing technologies.  How does this end?  Well, for one, ironically, the earth gets more polluted.  But it doesn’t just end there.  This agreement will strengthen the hand of authoritarian nations who do not share a commitment to human rights- while the U.S. and other free and democratic nations will be weakened.  Therefore, the U.S. will bear the high economic cost with little to no environmental impact to show for it.  In fact, the National Economic Research Associates estimated that 2.7 million jobs would be lost by 2025.  This is simply bad policy.

     Brian Fitzpatrick also voted for the Equality Act.  The Equality Act, which undercuts the feminist movement, preferences biological males who identify as female over biological females.  The tentacles of this Act will inevitably violate religious liberty, parental authority, and women’s rights; all while doing a great disservice to the developmental and mental health needs of our children.  The ban on counseling children that need help accepting their bodies so that they can instead prescribe dangerous puberty blockers will destroy this nation’s children.  For this reason, Fitzpatrick has violated our highest responsibility, to protect our children.   This is especially dangerous considering that research shows that over 80% of children resolve the distress that is associated with gender dysphoria on their own.  Again, Brian is joining forces with those seeking to destroy everything that makes this country great in the name of a great slogan.


     Brian Fitzpatrick has voted in support of the $15 federal minimum wage. Again, while this sounds nice, it does not accomplish its purported aims.  For one, when the minimum wage gets an artificial boost, people are priced and pushed out of the market.  Which people? The very people Brian is pretending to help. Low wage earners and minorities are the biggest victims of this bill. How? College grads end up competing for these jobs. It should be of no surprise then, that black unemployment prior to the introduction of the minimum wage was less than 10%, but since its implementation, has skyrocketed to above 20%. This problem is further compounded by companies being forced to fire and automate wherever possible. The congressional budget office evaluated the federal $15 minimum wage and estimated that it would put 1.4 million people out of work. Between the Paris Climate Agreement and the $15 minimum wage, we are talking about 4.1 million jobs lost. Thanks Brian! Big companies love this idea! Maybe that’s why Brian supports this? Who are his donors? While small businesses across the country would be put out of business by this, the big companies who can afford to pay $15/hour will be happy to swoop in and take the market share from these small businesses who are forced to fail by the government.

     Brian has further taken our country down the path of socialism with his support for the infrastructure bill. Let’s work together to get him out of office so that I, Brad Lanning, can be your servant! I will only champion and support legislation that puts the American people first. Let’s drain Brian out of the swamp, and bring the U.S. back under the control of “We the People.”

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