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     Brad Lanning has spent his entire life in Eastern Pennsylvania.  Over the last 15 years, he worked in the private sector where he helped small businesses grow and develop. After spending time consulting small businesses across multiple industries on how to build credit and establish credibility in the market place, he worked on the front lines of the labor market helping companies recruit top talent across different sectors of the economy. Over the last 5 years, he wore many hats. While being a stay-at-home Dad, he juggled being a realtor, getting a Master’s degree, and volunteering at his local church.

     He's running for congress because, as a parent and citizen who loves this exceptional country, he cannot continue to sit back and watch our country being destroyed from within by a small group of depraved and misguided career politicians. When he gets elected to be your servant, he vows to champion an America First Agenda while fighting and being a voice for “We the People.”

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  • I will support and champion the America First governing philosophy.

  • I support small government.

  • I support the second amendment.

  • I support school choice.

  • I reject vaccine and mask mandates, especially for children.

  • I will support policies that reduce tax and regulatory burdens on small businesses, farms, and the overall American middle class.

  • As a strong supporter of legal immigration, I support building a wall and enforcing the existing immigration laws that are currently being ignored.

  • I reject the federalization of our elections.

  • I believe in the constitution.

  • I believe we should incentivize rather than de-incentivize labor participation.

  • While incentivizing the innovation of the cleaner energy technology of the future, we must support our domestic oil and gas industries because energy independence is essential to our national security.

  • I believe we must fight against CRT and the sexualization of our children in our schools

  • I believe we must treat China as our adversary, not a mere competitor.

  • I reject U.S. involvement in any international organizations or agreements that do not represent U.S. interests or values.

  • I support Israel.

  • I am pro-life.

  • I am committed to ensuring that the voices of Americans are not drowned out by big corporations, special interest groups, international activists, and lobbyists- because this is the biggest threat to our democracy.

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